Boiler Eko Budmet Nocoń

EKO BUDMET NOCOŃ boiler is created for the most demanding customers who not only want to have an ecological heating machine. The boiler with automatic eco-coal peal will not only warm your house or flat but will also prepare hot utility water.

Boiler design is a combination of ecology and economy. Thus, a boiler was designed with top technological standards and complying with very demanding and restrictive fumes emission standards.

This is tested and certified with certificates issued by the accredited laboratory both for class 5 standards and the Directive of the European Commission, so-called Ecodesign.

Use of plate structure in Eko Budmet Nocoń boiler will largely facilitate cleaning of the exchanger. Laying ceramic (concrete) fittings of innovative composition on the furnace section causes that almost all chemicals are burnt completely which gives smoke-free combustion, high efficiency and very low emission of harmful dusts (including PM10 and PM2.5) into the atmosphere.

Certificates held by Eko Budmet Nocoń boiler, that is class 5 and Ecodesign, made that it has been incorporated into the group of boilers that take part in both local governmental and state programs (so-called “Clean Air”). Purchase of such boilers is largely co-financed thus promoting environmental protection.

Kocioł CO - Forest - Budmet
klasa 5
Meets requirements of class 5 PNEN:303-5:2012
Complies with requirements of the Regulation by the EU Commision 1189/2015 of 28.04.2015r ecological.
Top quality and ecology
klasa energetyczna
Energy efficiency class B
Thermal efficiency up to 91,7 %
5 years warranty
Rated power
[kW] 7-25
Dimensions measured against case, height from base
- height mm 1300
- depth mm 930
- width mm 650
Connector diameter cal 5/4
Flue diameter mm 180
Distance from base to connector axle
- bottom mm 275
- top mm 1125
Distance from base to flue axle mm 1005
Energy efficiency class B
Energy efficiency ratio % 83,7
Container kg 570
Required chimney draught Pa 20
Efficiency % 91,7
Moc znamionowa
Cena netto
Cena brutto
7 - 25 11 500,00 14 145,00