P.W. BUDMET Dariusz Nocoń, Adam Nocoń is a manufacturer of CH boilers with more than 35 years of experience and tradition. We focus especially on the branch of fixed fuel boilers (eco-peal coal, coal, pellet). Budmet Nocoń is mostly the manufacturer of biomass boilers. We are fascinated with state-of-art and ecological solutions so we put most effort into pellet boilers that we are trying to constantly expand with new models. Our more than 35 years of experience and a fact that we are a family company that fosters boiler tradition from generation to generation has made that we have created many new boiler models and the technological solutions we use are our proprietary solutions supported by years of experience.

P.W. Budmet is a boiler manufacturer that focuses on ecology! Our offer includes boilers that meet standards of so-called class 5 and EcoDesign. The boilers not only comply with requirements of class 5 for EN:303-5.2012 but also with newest requirements of so-called EcoDesign set by the European Commission and to be valid from 2020. For the user, this means a warranty (supported with research of accredited research centers) that the boiler has the lowest possible emission of pollution into the atmosphere and the highest efficiency. These are reliable, ecological and fully automated machines with additionally lowest concentrations of pollutions emitted to the atmosphere, high efficiency and top energy efficiency among the solutions in the market. Therefore, we encourage you to choose our brand – as the boilers made by P.W. BUDMET Dariusz Nocoń, Adam Nocoń is always top quality and an environmentally friendly solution.

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Awards received by the boiler manufacturer P.W. Budmet Dariusz Nocoń, Adam Nocoń

Manufacturer of CH boilers, P.W. BUDMET, is a trustworthy partner which is proved by multiple awards for our products such as:

  • Primary award for most innovative product of SIBEX 2017 for our FOREST boiler;
  • Distinction for most effective solid fuel boiler of 2017 under VI edition of the contest “TOPTEN heating solid fuel boilers 2017” in the class of boilers with automatic solid biofuel feed for our FOREST boiler;
  • We Focus on quality certificate (primary award: We focus on quality in ecology);
  • Primary award of I Construction Fairs in Czeladź;
  • Złota Kielnia of II Construction Fairs in Czeladź;
  • INNOWATOR 2016 Distinction
  • Distinction „Protect to live” of the Bieruński-Lędziński Poviat
  • And many other...

We provide innovative and economical industrial solutions.

We are a company that has won many awards. We believe in quality and a global standard.

The scope of additional services

P.W. BUDMET in Czeladź is also services related to the production and operation of heating devices.

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