Budmet – trustworthy partner

Company P.W. BUDMET is a dynamically developing private enterprise that has operated since 1983. Our products are praised both in Poland and abroad. The basic direction of our business is manufacturing of central heating boilers. We would like to stress the utility features, boiler efficiency of 96% which is compared to the efficiency of gas and oil boilers which largely contributes to the low operating costs. Among our devices, you will find Class 5 products. It is one of the most restrictive standards in respect of emission and efficiency and can be fulfilled by only best heating devices. Having Class 5 products is confirmed by a proper certificate issued by approved laboratory. The wide range of heating devices using coal or pellet and the professional warranty and post-warranty service meet the expectations of any customer.

P.W. BUDMET boilers are characterized by:
  • high energy efficiency
  • reliability and safety of use
  • continuity of operation for whole season
  • smooth adjustment of boiler’s power
  • automatic control
  • smoke-free and complete combustion
  • convenient handling and operation
  • modern design and quality

Our boilers are characterized by a very low emissivity degree which makes them environmentally friendly. It is shown by our Certificate of Tests for ECOLOGICAL SAFETY SIGN which was issued by the Coal Chemical Processing Institute in Zabrze in class A. We have also received the certificate confirming that our boilers have the highest Class 5. This means that our boilers are ecological and economical. We also inform that with our approvals and certificates, EKO PLUS and FOREST boilers are installed under the Limited Emission Programs and their purchase may be co-financed by the Environmental Protection Departments. P.W. BUDMET, in its activities, shows a considerable environmental care. With its commitment and strong motivation, it was awarded the certificate of CLEAN PRODUCTION, which proves its professional approach to a customer and the environment.


Firma P.W. BUDMET is the winner of the prestigious award of the Mayor of Town of Czeladź “SATURN RING” in the category of “Craftsman of 2009”. The award is a recognition for the company who focuses on implementing state-of-art technologies within heating devices. For many years, the company has been involved in promotional activities within the town of Czeladź and not only which resulted in two-time major award at the successive Construction Fairs.


Firma P.W. BUDMET is a wide range of business activity. In addition to manufacturing ecological solid fuel boilers, it wholesales installation products supporting the operation of installation groups. It produces external and internal tooth wheel on order and machining with the use of conventional and CNC machines. Casting for bearing shells or regeneration of crane wheels are selected issues from a wide range of issues covered by P.W.BUDMET.

Daily co-operation with such business as Katowicki Holding Węglowy, Katowicki Węgiel Sp. z o.o. Kompania Węglowa S.A. Katowice , Instytut Chemicznej Przeróbki Węgla Zabrze, FERROLI Poland Sp. z o.o. makes that we take part at all stages of forming high ecological awareness which is translated by design, manufacturing and implementing of ecological heating devices by P.W. BUDMET Nocoń.