Central heating pellet boilers FOREST are absolutely best boilers you can find on our offer. It is an environmentally friendly solution that meets the requirements of so-called EcoDesign according to the Regulation of the EU Commission 1189/2015 of 28.04.2015 and Class 5 PNEN:303-5:2012, certified by certificates class 5 and eco-project issued by the accredited research laboratory -Coal Chemical Processing Institute, ul. Zamkowa 1, 41-803 Zabrze. These certificates held by Forest boiler makes that it is an ideal solution for those who are seeking funding to modernize their boiler rooms. FORESTs are available in various options, allowing to apply user preferences for central heating pellet boilers. Price varies depending on the exchanger cleaning options or a controller model, therefore, FOREST pellet boilers are a solution that can be afforded by everyone. Pellet boilers can be had from net PLN 12,490.00 (FOREST model, class 5, ecodesign).

forest natura

Forest Natura

FOREST NATURA is an ecological boiler with a steel exchanger used to burn wood biomass as a pellet. With the top-quality exchanger and a modern burner, we achieved optimum heat reception from burnt fuel.

Automatic burner is fixed externally on the ash door. The fuel (pellet), before it reaches the grate of the burner moves up through a special feeder and is then finely dispersed. With such design, it is not possible for the flame to move back.

High efficiency of 95% puts the boiler among the leaders in its class. Moreover, the boiler has a class 5 certificate PN-EN:303-55.2012 and the EcoDesign certificate that will be required from 2020.