We offer you high quality solid fuels (pellet and eco-peal coal) that can be used effectively with Budmet boilers. We provide transport, permanent pellet availability and fast delivery times.

PELLET – processed chips pressed under high pressure so that the energy is strongly dense. The process occurs without any additional binders. Pellet has high energy properties, low moisture content and from 1 tone of pellet, about 4 kg of ecological ash is formed upon combustion that may be used as a natural gardening fertilizer. It is environmentally friendly – manufacturing needs no additional tree logging in the forest.

The dynamic pellet market and growing prices of energy, furnace oil and propane, etc. cause that many clients show interest in this source of energy. Every year, several thousands of new families in Poland, hotels, stores, restaurants, bakery shops and confectionaries, herbs and fruits drying plants, etc. find out about great benefits of pellet.


  • diameter: 6mm +/- 1mm, 8mm +/- 1mm
  • length: 3.15 <= L <=40mm
  • up to 6% moisture
  • very low ash content about 0.3%
  • combustion heat about 20000 J/g
  • calorific value over 18300 kJ
  • bulk density over 650 kg/m³


  • comfort, cleanliness and convenience during transport and use
  • low COO2 emission during combustio
  • renewable energy source
  • combustion is done in self-operating boilers
  • 4kg of ash is formed from 1 tone of pellet
  • Ease and availability
  • Environmentally friendly
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